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Scare Party Free

Find ghosts that are lurking inside your phone/tablet before it's too late! Scare Party Free can be played by 1 to 4 people for up to 10 rounds. Each round, you have a chance at playing one of two random games...

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Spaced Battle HD

Spaced Battle HD puts you in command of your own star ship as you fight waves of evil ships trying to crash into you! Control all the action using an arcade style joystick and fire button to try and shoot your opponents before they collide with you.

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Christmas Photo Editor Lite/Pro HD

Christmas Photo Editor Lite can be used to choose from over 60 items to add some holiday cheer to your photos! Add high resolution HD Christmas graphics such as ornaments, presents, stockings, trees, snowflakes, and many more to your photos with ease.

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Scare Party made me wet my sister's bed and I don't even have a sister.

- Fedge, fedgesoft.com
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