Custom Mobile App & Software Development

iOS Apps

Create an iOS app that runs on iPhone & iPad devices and be seen on iTunes App Store.

Web Apps

Run your cross-platform application on various browsers and OS’s using HTML5.

Social Interest

Integrate social elements that help drive user engagement for your fans and followers.

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Android Apps

Publish your mobile app on Google Play Apps and Amazon Appstore to thousands of devices.

Desktop Apps

Design desktop applications from small utilities to customer-facing media solutions.

Data Driven

Utilize backend databases locally and in the cloud for storage and user information.

Mobile App ROI

Mobile apps have become the fastest growing industry and allow you to attract new customers, engage your current clientele, and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Grab a piece of this booming market and create a two-way community with your clients that will strengthen your relationship more than ever before!

  • We’re seeing a tremendous disruption by mobile as huge numbers of people move from the traditional web to mobile devices...and there’s plenty of room for more growth.

  • People nowadays want everything to be at their fingertips, and if companies are not finding ways to provide these tools [they] will soon see drop-off from their customers.

  • U.S. consumers spend 127 minutes per day using apps. In 2013, mobile apps will generate $25 Billion in revenue. By 2016, the app economy is expected to reach $46 Billion.


Our focus is enhancing the connection between your business and the users of your products and services. You can create everything from a simple place where customers can find out more about you and your company to an immersive mobile app experience that allows for some advanced interaction!


What kinds of software do you create?

We primarily help your business stand out from the crowd with your own branded mobile app that runs across a wide variety of devices. You can start small by offering general contact information and social info or create multimedia-backed interaction with support for custom services and functionality. Additionally, we can help you design internal-use software that solves a specific need or allows for better process automation and control.

Is it even possible to do XYZ?

We like to tell prospective clients to let their imaginations run wild with what they’d like their app or software to do. Try not to think in terms of limitations, rather share your idea and let us worry about the technical side. We’ll let you know if it’s something we can do upfront and how best to approach the problem.

How is payment structured?

After working with you to discuss the scope of your project, we will quote you our price. Basic apps and less technical software may only need a one-time setup or programming fee whereas more elaborate solutions would also require a monthly fee to cover data-usage, push notifications, back-end server scripting, etc. Either way, we ask for 50% of the setup/programming fee upfront to begin work and the remaining 50% after you sign-off at project conclusion.

How much does it cost to make an app?

There are many variables that go into app development such as complexity, what operating systems it will run on, does it need a back-end database or customer rewards services, etc. Because of this, plus the fact that every client is quite unique, we will work with you on an individual basis to find a solution that works for you.

How long does it take?

Due to the custom nature of complexity and features for software development, there isn’t a standard time that we can quote. However, we’re very open about our project load and after we have an understanding of your specific requirements, will give you a timeline with scheduled deliverables so you’re a part of the loop the entire process.

What about an app for my local band, church, or blog?

Of course! Even though we specialize in working with small businesses, we love helping other groups that have an idea for software that can help them grow with the community.