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Jeff Przybylski
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Jeff Przybylski

Head Geek

Software Development Consultant Helping SMBs Delight Clients, Free Up Time, and Increase Revenue.

Who I Am – Passionate Software Developer and Technologist

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with technology for over 24 years and am fascinated with solving life’s challenges with various software development tools. We live in an exciting time with the only constant being change and I embrace the opportunity to ebb and flow with our environment, continually learning new tricks and techniques along the way.

A Different Kind of Geek – I Love People

Many think of software developers as dark, mysterious beings that would rather avoid human contact while writing code in a corner of a dimly-lit basement. My approach is vastly different as I simply love meeting new clients and thrive on helping to solve their business challenges.

Technical Solutions with Non-Technical Speak

I believe in discussing solutions using good old fashioned fun and collaborative conversation. Instead of throwing out a ton of technical jargon that aim to impress, I’d rather keep it simple and find out what button goes where or what you want to have happen when a screen pops up in a given project.

Communication is Key

Throughout my years in IT I’ve consistently observed that most conflict in a project or office is due to communication issues. I’m a deep believer in keeping the lines of communication as open as possible and working with my clients to reach a successful outcome.

Fedgesoft – Your Partner in Software Solutions Development

I started Fedgesoft LLC as a way of lending my freelancing help to businesses needing solutions to interesting pain points. My goal has always been to show how technology can work for us in ways that clients may not realize even exist.

Please feel free to send me a message and let’s work together in creating something truly special!